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  • It’s that time of year when our attention turns to year end tax preparation.  Don’t let it get the best of you this year.   Orion Mobility, Promisor’s tax and software provider, has put together ‘Ten Tips to Prepare for the 2012 Tax Year-End’.   Year-end can get crazy especially in the relocation industry. Between tracking relocatee’s expenses, running expense reports, and auditing your relocation software, there is plenty one person or...
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    October 26th, 2012 by Promisor Relocation
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    Great IIG HRMAC Meeting on Wednesday!  We were fortunate enough to hear from Mark Welch, The Northern Trust’s Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer and Chief Talent Officer along with Jeffrey Smith who most recently was P&G’s Diversity Officer and Bo Cosic, Head HR – Mergers & Acquisitions at Navistar. We also heard from Monica Marcel, Co-Founder of Language & Culture Worldwide and Dawn Hasil, President of Continuum.   One of the main takeaways was...
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    October 15th, 2012 by Promisor Relocation
  • I’m really excited about the upcoming Human Resource Management Association of Chicago (HRMAC) International Interest Group (IIG) meeting to be held Wednesday, October 11th at Deloitte. We have put together a panel of experts who will discuss diversity and inclusion on a global scale, exploring creative and practical ways for companies to leverage global diversity to increase innovation, engagement, sustainability and ultimately be more successful.      Key takeaways...
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    October 5th, 2012 by Promisor Relocation