Our History

Promisor, a global relocation management company, was founded in 1995 with a mission to revolutionize customer service for people who move. Our founders’ passion led to the development of proprietary software to track and integrate all pertinent move information to create a superior relocation experience. Promisor was built as a customer service-focused operation from day one.


Since that time, as economies and markets fluctuated, corporations entrusted us to deliver exemplary customer care by blending personalized service, operational expertise and technology. Promisor set the standards that improved employee satisfaction while increasing productivity and reducing overall cost.


We continue to help corporations retain their competitive edge in new and emerging markets by blending top-notch global mobility programs with their talent acquisition/management needs. Promisor operates within an environment of truth and trust to enhance the lives of individuals and families transitioning their lifestyles via relocation while furthering the business interests of our clients.