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    Does Promisor oversee Lump Sum and Managed Cap Programs?

    December 20th, 2011 by Promisor Relocation

    Yes. Promisor delivers services to corporations who offer lump sum or managed cap policies to their employees.


    Some corporations offer a lump sum allowance as the entire provision; others offer it as part of the relocation package, covering only certain aspects of the move. A total lump sum allowance program may be effective for recent college recruits, some new hires and renters, although there has been an increase of corporations migrating to lump sum or managed cap programs of higher amounts for executives.  A partial lump sum program may be considered more appropriate with executive level moves or home owners who receive services pertaining to home sale.


    These programs require astute management due to appropriate categorization for tax exempt reasons. An employee should never just be given an amount and left on their own agenda. Frustration and lack of productivity on behalf of the employee can result and the corporation will not meet its objective.


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