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    HRMAC Meeting on “Diversity and Inclusion Across Boarders” Takeway Points

    October 15th, 2012 by Promisor Relocation

    Great IIG HRMAC Meeting on Wednesday!  We were fortunate enough to hear from Mark Welch, The Northern Trust’s Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer and Chief Talent Officer along with Jeffrey Smith who most recently was P&G’s Diversity Officer and Bo Cosic, Head HR – Mergers & Acquisitions at Navistar. We also heard from Monica Marcel, Co-Founder of Language & Culture Worldwide and Dawn Hasil, President of Continuum.


    One of the main takeaways was that global mindsets cannot be just US centric and are not accomplished simply by assigning employees to work in other countries.  As Monica shared, you need to address the diversity and inclusion issues specific to each country before you can begin to experience a true global mindset within your organization.  Every country brings with it their own unique issues and concerns when it comes to diversity and inclusion.


    One of the biggest opportunities to foster diversity is to properly repatriate employees. Unfortunately, only 24% of corporations who have global assignment programs actually repatriate their employees properly upon return. In fact, 77% of companies lose a quarter of their assignees in the first 1-2 years upon return to their home country.   Not only is it a significant financial investment which is lost but an opportunity to foster a global mindset as well.  As Mark Welch stated, “Diversity powers innovation and productivity.  By fostering a truly inclusive environment, we elevate employee engagement”.  At a time when companies are looking for the ROI in every aspect of their business and wanting to insure that their companies are diverse and inclusive, one would think that repatriation would be at the forefront of their global mobility programs.
    The next IIG HRMAC meeting will be held on February 7th. Hope to see you there!

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