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    Case Study: The Need For A Smart, Flexible and Immediate Solution

    December 15th, 2011 by Promisor Relocation


    The company is an employee owned investment firm focused on helping investors transfer risk. The company  trades in over 30 markets across the globe. Since Promisor began working with the company in 2006  they tripled their size and are in the midst of further expansion. Company believes that efficiency creates opportunity. They are passionate about solving problems, finding better ways of doing things and valuing teamwork over hierarchy. 


    Company Need

    The company required a flexible global relocation partner who could support and mesh with their culture.  Most importantly, they needed a company that could operate at a level consistent in the speed and service of their high touch, high energy business.  Growth plans called for company to target experienced employees from major financial centers and recent college graduates from prestigious universities. An exemplary relocation management function was an absolute necessity for building successful relationships with new recruits and maintaining the productivity of transferring employees and global assignees.  Company insisted that new associates hit the ground running, impacting the business by voicing their ideas within the team oriented meritocracy. Company resolved to work with a relocation partner to maintain this approach during their aggressive growth phase.


    Work performed:

    After collaborative evaluation, review of best practices and consultation:

    • Promisor and company streamlined the process to accommodate company’s fast paced operations  
    • Policies were created as a tool for differentiating company’s compensation package and enhancing their relationship with employees in a highly competitive environment
    • Methodology and communication tools were developed to address the immediacy and high demands of company culture 


    Results achieved:

    • Company executed its aggressive growth plans
    • Relocating employees were able to perform in record time
    • Top talent has been recruited and relocated with ease and efficiency supported by Promisor’s high touch customer service and recommended benefits
    • Promisor became a seamless extension of the management team, reinforcing the company’s core beliefs 
    • Company bottom line continues to increase

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