• Does Promisor deliver home sale services including the fixed fee model?

    Yes.  Promisor expertly delivers programs to ensure the property is sold as quickly as possible and for the highest price the market will bear. Our programs include: Home Marketing, Buyer Value Option and Buyer Value Option Plus, Guaranteed Home Buyout and Guaranteed Home Buyout Plus.


    BVO Plus and GBO Plus are a unique home sale service which addresses the main components of the fixed fee model while eliminating the high cost of the traditional program. Our GBO Plus and BVO Plus Programs ensure that a corporation will never own the employee’s property, removing the risk of inventory management, associated costs and budgeting uncertainties.

  • Can Promisor deliver services anywhere globally?

    Yes. Promisor is a global relocation management company.


    We have the internal expertise to assist corporations from their very first step during the education and consulting phase which typically results in policy and program development.  Our global service delivery team provides direction for assignees,  facilitates the process and oversees the management of our extensive list of trusted providers in every corner of the world. 


    As the need for corporations to recruit talent from countries other then their own and/or as corporations continue to enhance their global foot-print, most countries are scrutinizing immigration documentation and international taxes. Promisor understands international time frames from pre-departure, to on-assignment and repatriation anywhere, anytime. 

  • Does Promisor oversee Lump Sum and Managed Cap Programs?

    Yes. Promisor delivers services to corporations who offer lump sum or managed cap policies to their employees.


    Some corporations offer a lump sum allowance as the entire provision; others offer it as part of the relocation package, covering only certain aspects of the move. A total lump sum allowance program may be effective for recent college recruits, some new hires and renters, although there has been an increase of corporations migrating to lump sum or managed cap programs of higher amounts for executives.  A partial lump sum program may be considered more appropriate with executive level moves or home owners who receive services pertaining to home sale.


    These programs require astute management due to appropriate categorization for tax exempt reasons. An employee should never just be given an amount and left on their own agenda. Frustration and lack of productivity on behalf of the employee can result and the corporation will not meet its objective.

  • Does Promisor offer pre-decision services during the Talent Acquisition process?

    Yes. Promisor has a highly effective pre-decision offering to assist human resource professionals and/or recruiters as they manage their talent domestically or globally.


    The decline in real estate property values and the negative ramifications that often impact relocating families can lead to costly mistakes for both the corporation and the employee. Thus, it is critical to determine, up front, if relocating the employee or offering the job to a candidate who must move is the right decision.  Information discovered “after the fact” is painful and expensive for all parties. Promisor works closely with the corporation to ensure that an expensive hire is not set up to fail. 

  • Does Promisor have the capabilities to work with corporations of all sizes?

    Yes. Promisor Relocation offers an entire suite of mobility services, domestic and international, to organizations in early stages of growth as well as to large global corporations. 


    Our flexibility and expertise allows us to develop programs tailored for each corporation. We assess corporate culture, objectives and needs. While the volume is important, it is only part of the criteria. 


    Our clients are those that require and receive high level service for their relocatees and assignees. They do not want to be thrown into a "one size fits all" program, nor do they want their services delivered with a call center mentality which is so prevalent among outsourced high volume programs.