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    On the recent fires in Colorado

    July 6th, 2012 by Ellie Monty

    My heart goes out to the folks in Colorado Springs who experienced great loss due to  the recent fires.  Last week’s videos displaying  flames dancing through neighborhoods, wiping out  homes and displacing families, were horrifying.  I can’t help but think of  the  employees and military families we have assisted in that area  -  as well as our industry partner providers – and pray that today’s rain fall will prevent additional sparks.


    Last week,  one of the brokers in the area sent a news letter. He stated that the fist day of the fire started out the same as any beautiful day in Colorado Springs – but then  he saw a plume of white in the distance!  His life will never be the same.  Disaster strikes, leaving us to deal with the loss.


     His message was a good reminder for us all. Enjoy the beauty of the moment . . .  don’t take one thing for granted . . . and learn to grow during  grief and loss.

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