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    Planning Assignments to the UK This Summer?

    February 6th, 2012 by Promisor Relocation

    Be very mindful of the Summer Olympic Games taking place in London 7/27-8/12, followed closely by the Paralympics Games 8/29 – 9/9. While it may seem far in advance, hotels, temporary apartments, and longer term rentals are already booking up. There will be substantial price increases for lodging as well.


    It is anticipated that there will be delays in visa processing due to both the volume of applications and the additional vigilance and security; this could start very soon. The Border Agency will be increasing security checks beginning 3 or 4 months prior to the opening of the Games. As a result, household goods shipments will be subject to longer clearance times. Throughout the duration of both events, the city will be extremely crowded, expensive, and difficult to navigate with road closures and such. It will therefore not the best time to start someone on an assignment. As the Games approach is increasingly important to properly set assignee expectations, and understand that home finding programs and locating temporary accommodations may require additional time.


    Recognizing that it can take several months to strategize and plan for international assignment, consider the timing, and be aware of the effects that this global event has on international mobility to the United Kindom.


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