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    Short Term Global Assignments Growing More Popular

    short term assignmentsAs short term global assignments continue to increase, so does the incorrect assumption from many a professional that it is fairly easy and uncomplicated to administer the move – after all it’s just for a short term!  But to get the employee and family across the border or across the sea legally, compliance with regulations in the host country are critical and are not always easy or timely.  


    There is often disappointment with the length of time it takes to secure the correct work visa for the assignee and any dependants that may accompany them to the host location. But if the process is not adhered to, or if incorrect papers are discovered by a foreign country, ramifications can include expensive fines, deportation or worse.   


    Also, check with your tax provider to ensure you have a clear understanding of the tax costs in both the home and host locations. You need to understand the tax implications up front.  Additionally, all assignment-related expenses need to be meticulously tracked.  The assignee cannot submit expenses as if they are on an extended business trip.   


    You may want to consider using a per diem allowance versus a full COLA / Goods & Services Differential. Check with your data provider as most per diem tables are very customizable and you may be able to save costs for the company while still treating the assignee fairly.


    If you do not have a short term assignment policy, this is the right time to put some guidelines in place.


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